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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Onda do Amor - Pet TorreS é #1 Bestseller em teen and Young adult in Portuguese Amazon Eua.

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You can read the Prologue & Chapter 1 of Ornella here



The Ornella romance portrays the omission of feelings between two people. Their lives would have taken different paths were it not for the absence of a gap between them.

Chapter 1

It was a spring evening. It was very hot that night. Everyone was gathered in the living room after dinner. This was usual for the Miller family. 
The housekeeper was serving tea and coffee. Mr. Matias commented on the coffee crop. He was concentrating with his firstborn on ideas of how to expand the business and to have his heir at his side to help him manage the family business. Horacio, his son, wanted very much to avoid his family businesses.
He wanted to study abroad, to have the pleasure of traveling the world and have every freedom that a man of his age could have.
"Horacio, it's time to take care of our family businesses," his father said.
"I know it, Father. I'll do it when the time comes," he said without being worried about his family business.
"It is time to do this now," insisted his father.
"Matias, Horacio has no interest in our family business," Mrs. Ema Miller said. She was Horacio's grandmother.
“In due course − he will learn to like the business, Mom."
Ornella did not pay attention to their conversation. She was near the open window, looking up at the sky and admiring the full moon. 
There was a mansion next door which had been closed up many years ago. It had been more than ten years since anyone had lived there. At the moment Ornella looked from the open window she saw a carriage coming toward the mansion. A man got out with his luggage in his hands.
Ornella became alert to every movement of the stranger.
"Horacio!” She called her brother. "Come here!"
"What’s up, Ornella?" He asked her and walked toward the open window. “Have you seen the bogeyman?" He joked then.
"Come quickly!" She wanted her brother to see the strange man before he entered the house on the other side.
Horacio saw the man picking up his luggage and going into the house.
"Who is he?' Ornella asked her brother as she was looking at the man going up the old, small steps.
"I have never seen him here before," Horacio said, remaining at the window. "It must be the new owner of the mansion."
"Why would he have any interest in coming to live in that house?" Ornella asked surprised. "That house has been closed for many years ..."
"He must have his reasons." Horacio turned away from the window and came back to his father and his grandmother. "We've got company!" He said in a loud voice.
"Company?" Mrs. Ema asked him.
"I think someone bought the house next door. We have a new neighbor," said Horacio.


The next morning, Horacio walked to the house next door. He wanted to welcome his new neighbor. He was greeted by a servant, wiping her hands on her white apron.

"How may I help you, sir?" She asked staring at the face of the young man.
"I wish to speak with the owner."
"Just a minute; I'll see if he can receive you."
The woman-servant went back into the house and closed the front door, leaving the visitor outside. A few minutes later, she returned with a brief response.
“Come in!"
Horacio entered the house. He looked around as he entered checking out the place.
"He asked that you wait here."
"Thank you," Horacio said.
The maid turned and left the room leaving the young man at ease. He looked up at the ceiling and the rest of the decor.
"It has been so many years since this house has been closed! It is still in good condition though" he told himself.
The new neighbor came downstairs, serious and apprehensive, not expecting a visit so early in the morning. After all, he had just arrived in that town and did not know anyone. 
"Good morning, sir. How can I help you?" he asked Horacio seriously.
"I apologize if I have interrupted you by coming here, not being invited and without even knowing you." Horacio went red. "I'm here with the intention of offering you my welcome. I live next door and I thought it would be good for us to know each other."
"I am grateful," the man said.  "What is your name?"
"Horacio Miller."
"I am Ernesto Hallen." He put his hand out to shake Horacio’s.


Horacio went back home feeling happy. He went straight into the living room where his family was gathered.

"I met our new neighbor," he said smiling at them. "I invited him to dinner with us."
"You did well my son. After all, we have to care for our only neighbor," said his father pleased with his son's attitude.

Ernesto Hallen went to the Miller house at the agreed time. Almost immediately, he was received by their housekeeper.   He was standing in the main room.
"Please wait here, sir. I will tell them about your arrival."
She withdrew leaving him alone. While waiting for the hosts he took the opportunity to check out the furniture and also the décor, realizing that the Miller family had good taste.
But curiosity led him into a hallway where he heard some noise. He was careful, prudently and quietly standing behind a door to the library. The door was slightly ajar and so he cast a curious gaze through it to see what was behind. He heard giggling and the chatter of two young women looking very happy.

Ornella was giving instructions to her girlfriend Lindalva about what she should do to win her brother’s heart.
“I don’t know if I can do this, Ornella,” Lindalva said confused.
“Don’t be silly, Lindalva. You have to insinuate yourself to my brother.” After that Ornella did a bold pose for her friend to do the same when she was alone with her only brother. “You must look this way to hook him.” Ornella ended her sentence with nervous laughter.
Ernesto Hallen heard the whole plan. Even though he was hidden behind the door he could hear everything they said clearly. He leaned slightly and watched them with his judgmental eyes. He thought Ornella was too young to try to use these tricks to win a man.
He thought she was a dangerous and astute young woman.
As soon as he realized the danger of being caught behind the door he left the hall and returned to the main room, which he should not have left. He thought it was not right on his part to walk through the house of others and listen to conversations behind the door.
He was stunned by his own conduct. He learned from a child that anyone hearing conversations behind the door was doing something very horrible. Those bad habits had been repaired since his childhood.
Horacio came down, accompanied by his family. He was with his father and grandmother. He introduced them to their new neighbor.

Minutes later, Ornella appeared with her girlfriend.
 “Where were you?” Horacio asked them.
“In the library,” Ornella replied without noticing the presence of her neighbor.
“Come on! Let me introduce Mr. Hallen to you,” Horacio said and then Ornella and Lindalva came up to them. “Mr. Hallen, this is my sister, Ornella Miller.”
The young man made a reference as every gentleman to greet her and the girl did the same to him.
“And this is Miss Lindalva,” Horacio continued saying and Ernesto Hallen did the same as she greeted him too.


They were at a rich and luxurious table for dinner. The guest was apprehensive and attentive to all questions asked by the members of the Miller family.
“What brought you here to our neighborhood, Mr. Hallen?” Asked Matias.
Mr. Hallen responded. “I'm tired of the capital and its agitations. I want a little tranquility.”
“Well, you have chosen the right place. Sometimes it is so irritating for being so quiet around here,” Horacio joked.
“Have you attended many dances in the capital, Mr. Hallen?” Ema asked him.
“Yes, some of them, madam,” Ernesto said to her.
“The balls in the capital are wonderful. I recall my youth,” Lady Ema said quite excited. “One day I will organize a dance in this house and I would very much like you to attend, Mr. Hallen,” she said.
“It will be a pleasure, Lady Ema.”
Lindalva whispered to her friend Ornella who was seated her side at the dining table.
“Your grandmother has had a great idea to have a dance at this house.”
“You will dance with Horacio the whole night,” Ornella said and smiled discretely at her friend.
“Stop it, Ornella.” Lindalva paled. “Your brother can hear it.”


Ornella was in her bedroom with her girlfriend Lindalva. The two of them were very close and they confided everything to each other; their problems, their curiosities and even subjects of their hearts.
At this moment, they were near the open window, looking at the house garden.
“We received a letter from Paola,” Ornella said sounding disappointed.
“Your female cousin − whom you love so much?” mocked Lindalva.
“I hate her − this is the true,” Ornella confessed almost immediately.
“What has she written?” Lindalva looked interested.
“She wrote to tell us she will come here and she will spend some time with us.”
“When is she coming?”
“Next month.”
“Why do you hate her?” Lindalva asked Ornella.
“She is very snobbish and she thinks she is the prettiest young woman among all the young women in this world.”
‘Ummumm, that’s very bad,” Lindalva murmured.
“But she doesn’t lack beauty, that’s true,” Ornella agreed.
“She will come here and all the men will be at her feet,” Lindalva supposed and turned her head down “Even your brother.”
“Do not worry. Horacio and Paola are very close, but it is more love of blood-cousins ​​and great friends, only that.”
“But I do not trust her,” Lindalva insisted.
“Actually she is closer to Horacio than to me,” Ornella said.


Horacio and Ernesto rode on their horses. Horacio was on his white horse and Ernesto was on his black horse. They rode slowly. It was just a ride on horseback and not a competition of who would come first.
“How are the girls in the capital?” Horacio asked him.
“They are somewhat coquettish,” Ernesto said in quite a neutral way.
“What made you stop here friend, at this end of the world, without the coquettish young women?” Horacio asked. “After all the capital is much more interesting, it has much more to offer, don’t you think?”
“I lost all interest in living in the capital,” Ernesto said, gazing down at his horse.
“I'd rather not talk about it now.” Ernesto raised his head and looked at his friend.
“All right,” Horacio agreed and kept himself quiet.
 At this moment, Ema was watching through the open window the arrival of Ernesto and Horacio on their horses. She turned around and looked at Ornella who was sitting in her armchair. She looked thoughtful.  
“Mr. Ernesto and Horacio are doing well. It seems like they’ve become good friends,” the old woman commented. “They do nothing except walk together all the time.”
“Horacio is amiable to everyone, Grandma. He knows how to make friends easily,” Ornella said subsequently.
“It's true, my grandson is very kind.”
“He inherited this virtue from you, Grandma.” Ornella hugged her grandmother, saying, “Who does not like you, does not like anyone in this life.”


Ernesto invited his friend to dine with him. Horacio accepted the invitation. At this moment, they were seated at the dining table, tasting each dish made by Ernesto’s servant.
“Don’t you feel alone in this big house?” Horacio asked, looking around.
“I'm used to it. I spent most of my life traveling alone.”
“On the one hand, it is good to have your freedom. You can do what you want to in your home...you can bring beautiful women here, hold dances and invite friends.”
“Have you ever traveled?”
“No, but I would like to study out of the country, to meet people and places. My father is opposed to it. He wants me to stay and work in his business,” Horacio confessed and drank his wine.
“Because you are his sole heir,” Ernesto supposed.
“Sometimes I wish I had had an older brother. I believe my family’s responsibilities would not be solely on me as my father wishes them to be.”
“I thought so too, but my father insisted so much on our family’s business so I ended up liking them. Today I cannot live without them,” Ernesto said in high spirits.
“Sometimes I'm afraid of disappointing my father. He expects so much of me and I'm afraid of doing it wrong, or not being able to do anything,” Horacio confessed and sighed.
“Don’t put yourself down so easily,” Ernesto said and took his glass of wine to his lips. “You are as capable as your father.”


After dinner, they went to the main room to rest and talk some more. They sat down in the armchairs. Ernesto wanted to say something, but he did not know how to tell his friend. He didn’t know how to start the conversation.
“When you asked me why I lost interest in the capital, I did not know how to answer you. Actually I wanted to tell you everything, but I was so embarrassed.” Ernesto said and then remained quiet.
“You can talk to me. I’ll help you if I can...” Horacio said, gazing at his friend.
“There's nothing you can do for me,” Ernesto said rapidly. “They are irreversible situations.”
With that, Ernesto got up and went to the open window where he stood looking out. He could not face his friend at that moment. He was very ashamed about something. But he preferred to open his heart. His distant gaze was fixed on the beautiful landscape outside his window.
Horacio watched him all the time.
“I’ve lived in the capital since I was ten. I went there with my parents. After a little while, my father decided to expand his businesses. My mother was a woman who always motivated my father in everything he did in his life. I confess that when I left the capital and came to this place, I felt a little indigent, I'm not used to this kind of life.” Ernesto paused.  “And when I said I came here because this place is calm and quiet,” he lowered his head. “I did not tell you the truth.”
Ernesto looked back out the open window, trying to find the courage to tell the rest of his story to his friend.
“I was engaged, with everything ready for the wedding. The ceremony was scheduled…” Ernesto became depressed as he spoke the words. “And then I got the news that my ex-fiancée had run away with her secret lover. Not knowing what to do, I came here to hide myself from everyone. I feel so ashamed.”
“Well, I do not know what to say you.” Horacio felt sad and stunned to hear what had happened to his friend. “It must be very difficult for you to overcome this.”
“I told you all these things because I trust you and I know that you will not repeat this to anyone,” Ernesto confessed gazing at his friend.
“You can rest assured that no one will hear about these things from me,” Horacio assured his friend.


Ornella was walking through the garden in the company of her girlfriend Lindalva. They were walking side by side.
They always laughed and talked as they exchanged confidences in the morning.
“Your brother does not pay any attention to me,” Lindalva complained with her head down.

“Horace is fickle. He does not take any lass seriously,” Ornella said to her.
“One day he will have to marry and raise a family,” Lindalva said with hope.
“Yeah, but we just don’t know when he’ll do it.”
“I don’t have a problem to wait for it, my friend,” Lindalva said and smiled at her friend.
“And if he does not choose you as his spouse?”
“I do not want to think of it now.”  Lindalva shook her head, dazed.
“We have to consider every possibility.”
“Sometimes you make me feel down, talking that way.”
“Lindalva, excuse me, but I see that you are so dreamy.  You imagine so many things about Horacio. I'm afraid that if none of these things happen you will suffer in this life.”  Ornella hugged her tightly. “I do not want to see you suffer, my beloved friend.”
“I will be very happy with your brother.”
“Yes, you will be, my friend.” Ornella smiled at her. “If it were up to me, my brother would take you to the altar.”
 At this instant, Ernesto Hallen watched them from behind the curtain of his room. He did not hear what they were talking about, but he noticed their gestures and attitudes and he recognized they were probably talking about suitors.
Ornella held her girlfriend’s arm while they walked on.  All of a sudden, Ornella glanced up at her neighbor's window.  She saw a dark figure next to the window. She noticed that someone was watching them. Ornella knew who it was.
Realizing Ornella saw him behind the window, Ernesto withdrew from the window trying to avoid her gaze.
“Mr. Hallen!” Ornella murmured in a low voice.
“What did you say, Ornella?” her friend Lindalva asked after hearing her low sound.
“Nothing, let's go in, this sun is burning my skin,” Ornella complained and they entered the house rapidly.

Felipe, another of Horacio’s long time friends, came back to the small town. Soon he arrived at the Miller family house. As usual, Horacio was on the balcony with his friend Felipe, talking about his travel to the capital.
“I attended quite a lot of dances in the capital and I always thought of you, my friend,” Felipe said smiling at Horacio. “You would be amazed with how many beautiful girls there are there.”
“The girls there are quite dangerous,” Horacio warned him.
“Why are you saying this?” Felipe opened his eyes wide at his friend.
“They are not like the girls here,” Horacio continued.
“That is true,” agreed Felipe. “I did not find any young woman who could match your wonderful sister.”
“You say that because you like her,” Horacio said quickly.
Felipe glanced around. “And talking about it, where is your sister?”
“Ornella went to the town center with Grandma.”
“Do you think I have a chance with her?” Felipe asked.
Horacio faced him seriously. “My sister is the only person that can answer that for you.”


Felipe stayed at the Miller’s house for dinner at the invitation of his friend Horacio. At this time they were all having dinner. Felipe regaled them all with stories about his trip to the capital.
After the meal, they went to the living room to continue their conversation. As usual, Ornella leaned out of the open window. She thought the subject was boring. However, Felipe found an opportunity to approach her.  
“As always, Miss Miller is looking through the window,” Felipe said and smiled at her.
Ornella gave him a worried look and remained silent. His words didn’t persuade her to say anything. Ornella had never been keen on Felipe.
“In the capital, I always thought of you. And I brought you a little souvenir.” He pulled out a small box from his pants pocket and held out his hand for her to take her small gift.
“Thanks for your gift, but I cannot accept it, Mr. Felipe.”
“Why not?” He asked gazing into her dark eyes. “It's just a small gift, Miss. Miller.”
“I'm not used to receiving gifts from gentlemen who are not my father or my brother, Horacio,” Ornella explained and looked to the other side.
“Please, Miss Miller, don’t offend me by not accepting my gift.”
“Okay, I will accept it,” Ornella said as she reached out and took the gift. She opened the small box and saw a beautiful brooch. “But I will never use it.”
“All right. I just wished for you to accept my small gift. You don’t need to make any use of it, just keep it with you, Miss Miller.”
After that Ornella withdrew from the area near the window and went to her bedroom. She preferred to avoid the company of Mr. Felipe. Ornella thought it would be the best thing to do at that moment.

Onda do Amor by Pet Torres is #2 Bestselling em teen and Young adult AMAZON EUA.

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Nós agradecemos essa conquista.

Monday, July 28, 2014

La marca del Lobo Negro (Novela paranormal) PET TORRES

La marca del Lobo Negro
Novela paranormal

Livro 1
En la Marca del Lobo Negro

Copyright © 2014 by Pet Torres books
Copyright © 2014 by Pet Torres



Título: La marca do lobo negro
Autor: (2014) Pet TorreS
Título Original: A marca do Lobo Negro
Edición Electrónica: (2014) Pet Torres books
 Este libro es una obra de ficción. Los nombres, personajes, lugares e incidentes son producto de la imaginación del escritor o usados de manera ficticia han sido y no debe interpretarse como real. Cualquier parecido con personas, vivas o muertas, eventos reales, o locales es del todo coincidentes Organizaciones
 Todos los derechos reservados. Ninguna parte de este libro puede ser utilizada o reproducida en cualquier forma sin el permiso escrito del autor.

A mis padres
A mis hermanas
A mis sobrinos


 A mis queridos lectores

La banda Antichrisis

Tengo admiración por su música.

"La maldición del lobo negro se despierta cada vez que una luna llena aparece en medio del cielo."

La Marca del lobo negro; Pet Torres


Cuando nace el séptimo hijo varón de una misma familia, ocurre "La maldición del lobo negro” que llega junto a ese niño.
Y este bebé debe sacrificarse por el bien de toda la humanidad.
O la fiera negra despertará después de 277 lunas llenas.


La leyenda del lobo negro comenzó hace millones de años y se ha extendido de generación en generación entre los diversos pueblos.
Una de las leyendas más conocidas es la marca del lobo negro. Eso ocurrió al momento de nacer un niño, el niño más joven de siete hermanos.
Cada vez que esto ocurría, el niño inmediatamente después de nacer era muerto.

Capítulo 1

Aldea de Vistancia

Una madre ha dado a luz a su séptimo hijo varón y tan pronto como él nace ella está impedida de amamantar a su propio hijo.
Sin embargo, esa mujer llora ni bien visualiza a  varios hombres de su aldea llegando y llevándose inmediatamente al niño de sus brazos.

-¡MI HIJO, NO! ¡NO! "
Ella llora, perdiendo su control y su marido la abraza con fervor y dice.
-Querida, no podemos quedarnos con este niño.
-¡Él es nuestro hijo!, insiste.
-¡Él está excomulgado! su marido insiste.
Con eso el niño que acabó de nacer es llevado a una casa en la aldea, donde un grupo de diez hombres están esperándolo.
-Aquí está. - Un hombre de pelo grisáceo dice, con el niño en sus brazos.
-¡Daré fin a la vida de este niño! Él no puede permanecer entre nosotros. – ordena el líder de la aldea, mientras que verifica el estado del niño. -Pero antes de eso, tienes que marcarlo.

Ellos llevan al niño a la parte exterior de la casa y caminan hacia una hoguera encendida. El líder de la aldea tiene una lanza de hierro y trae la punta de la lanza al rojo vivo con fuego.  Después de algún tiempo él saca la lanza y se va hacia el hombre de pelo grisáceo, que está sosteniendo al niño.
-¡Gírenlo!- el líder le ordena.
Entonces el hombre coloca al niño con su barriga para bajo y sus delicados pulmones están expuestos al aire libre, porque el niño estaba enrollado en un paño viejo.
Y todo el pueblo escucha la voz del niño después de que el líder inclina la lanza caliente contra su pulmón izquierdo y lo marca con el símbolo del lobo.

La madre del niño abraza a su marido tan pronto cuando ella siente y escucha el llanto de su hijo y ella no puede hacer nada para salvarlo.
En ese momento, el niño es llevado por el hombre de pelo entrecano, que tiene el deber de eliminar al niño a cierta distancia de su aldea.
El hombre camina con el niño a orillas de un río y su función más importante es lanzar ese niño en el agua oscura del río.
Su muerte es inevitable.
Pero antes de que él tenga el coraje de hacerlo, él tiene al niño como si fuera su propio hijo y un sentimiento de culpa le atormenta. Entonces el señor con su pelo grisáceo mira a un pedazo de madera y de repente tiene una idea.
-Voy a dejar su vida por cuenta del destino. - Dice mirando al niño que se aferra de la pieza de madera.
-Si sobrevives a esto, es porque el destino quiere que te quedes en este mundo.
Después de esas palabras, el hombre sostiene la madera con el niño y lo coloca cuidadosamente en el agua del río.
El agua oscura del río continúa fluyendo llevando la madera y también al niño a un destino incierto.
-¡Tu suerte está echada, querubín!- dice el hombre sin dejar de mirar al chico que se está moviendo cada vez más en la distancia con la ayuda de las pequeñas olas del río.


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