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Renascent Soul ( Tiger's Obsession, #5)



Book 5
In the Tiger’s Obsession Series

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 Tiger’s Obsession, book#1
Robbed virginity, book#2
Ardent affection, book#3
Forced penitence, book#4
Renascent soul, book#5
Infinite Apex, book#6

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This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental
All rights are reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Sometimes we need to be reborn, we need a renascent soul.

Pet TorreS

How the heart of Larsson Tiger is protected by a stone barrier! He really needs to have a 'Renascent Soul'...

Emily, Renascent Soul.


I did not imagine that the destination could surprise me again and again in such a short time. However, I also didn't think he could bring back to my life, all the good and bitter memories of my past.
My past which, a part of it, I tried and I try to forget, but he's so stubborn and insists to invade my thoughts when I risk thinking about good, beautiful and unforgettable things.
Fate did it again; it brought to my life in the same way, the person I tried to get away from, for a long period of my existence.
I've always tried to be Emily, which existed before the goddamn collecting of a debt from my uncle.
So I ask myself again.
Fate rules my life? Or is it me that cannot dribble it with an armor to prevent all things or bad people try to cross my path for the second or third time?
What do you think of this?

Chapter 1

Friday at dawn

The traffic is calm. There are few cars circulating through the quiet roads which are partially illuminated by thousands of lamps in their posts. However, no light is able to overcome the darkness of the night. The immense dark sky over everything in a city or a country is able to faithfully seem infinite in the eyes of who gets carried away by a beautiful place, full of stars and clouds wandering from side to side.
Along the way, in the middle of the road, there is a black car, specifically a last generation Opala, moving at high speed. The driver of the vehicle seem excited, the adrenaline travels throughout his body, as he holds a bottle of imported whiskey, called 'The Dalmore'.
This same man, in his early thirties, is wearing dark jeans. A 'black overcoat', which is open in the front. He has no shirt underneath. His defined thorax is exposed.
In his neck is a gold chain with a pendant of a tiger.
His completely green and glowing eyes find some headlights of some cars coming in the opposite direction to him, on a track to his left.
He smiles at the lights. His drunkenness makes him malleable and cheerful to any movement. The skin of his face and chest is humid with his own sweat.
Wow! He really sweats right now!
He seems to be burning in a furnace with thousands of glowing embers.
Ahead, the traffic light, from yellow turns into red.
The driver of the black opala is still pressing his foot on the accelerator. He does not care about traffic rules. His drunken mind does not allow him to do that.
However, his lips close, his cheerful smile fades from his lips in the time he looks at the windshield and sees a woman with black and loose hair that falls below her shoulders. She is adorned with a beautiful dress printed with tiger. He recognizes that physiognomy and exclaims highly in his direction.
-Emily! now?...
His sharp voice asks with difficulty and he takes another dose of his whiskey contained in its transparent bottle with a dark red liquid.
He insists.
After his name calling, his eyes round off more. He drops the bottle of whiskey and it fells on the carpet of his car. It is almost empty. His owner had consumed alone, 90% of all the alcohol.
His body is on fire, he feels an adrenaline rush, an uneasiness, an astounding excitement.
In a few moments, everything seems to revolve in front of him. The movements of his vision become troubled, accelerated.
He can barely see clearly what is going on around, behind and in front of him.
The same man only raises his arm and puts his right fist in the direction of his eyes, therefore, protecting himself from something. Perhaps his own fear.
He only sees a giant truck in front of him.
The four wheels of his black car slide through the dark lane. At this very second there is an explosion of noises. Shattered glass. A crash has just occurred.
More than half an hour later, there is the din of sirens of a car of the fire department.
Hurrying toward the accident on the road.

Chapter 2

Three days later...

Seven am, I get to the public hospital for my 24 hour duty. At that moment I walk quickly down the hall. Adjusting my hair in a bun made hastily, at the top of the head. I am tidied in a fair and white dress. On my right shoulder I bring a huge bag with several belongings brought from home, such as a bath towel, a pajama and some snacks for the rest of the duty.
Good morning, Emily!
Some professional colleagues exclaim as they pass me down the hospital corridor.
-Good Morning!
I answer every time.
I move on and stop in the anteroom of the male orthopedics area. There are some nurses leaving their duty and other starting.
I open my bag, take out my white coat and put it on, then, I put a disposable cap on my head and disposable gloves in my hands.
Finally I walk into the main room of male orthopedics. Three nurses are starting their work as well. The head nurse arrives soon after and addresses me first.
Good morning Emily!
Good morning, Madam Abigail!
She is a woman with gray hair. Blue eyes and pale skin.
-There is a new patient in the ward of orthopedics. He suffered a car accident three days ago. His case is severe. Maybe he becomes paralytic!
Another nurse gets in the subject.
He's handsome!
I look at the nurse's face and stay silent. She keeps telling me.
-His car collided with a truck. It seems that he was completely drunk. There was a bottle of imported whiskey in his vehicle.
I shrug and shift my gaze to the side.
-Whiskey ruined his life!
I muttered, thinking that this can involve his physical coordination, preventing him from walking as before.
-Ok, that's enough of small talk and get to work girls!
Lady Abigail tells us and she walks to her table, in the corner of the room. I look up and march forward, slowly toward the wing 1 of orthopedics. I stop at the door and I see that all beds are occupied by patients who have suffered accidents. Most of them are traffic accidents.
Some patients have a bandaged leg, arm, chest, foot or femur.
Seconds after, I look at bed 7. I recognize that the new patient is lying on it. As I recall that I already know the six patients there, since my last duty last week. But the patient lying in bed seven is new and I do not know his identity at that time.
Slowly, I walk toward his bed. My eyes are glued to his inert image. He is asleep under the influence of strong drugs. The patient is lying on his back. His arms are rested on both sides of his body. The vein of his forearm is receiving serum.
He is dressed in hospital pajamas. White with blue stripes. His body from the waist down is covered by a clean white sheet. He is not bandaged. There are only a few bruises on his face. His left eye is purple.
I cease in front of his bed and my eyes run slowly over his body and they stop at the magnificent image of his face, sleeping like an angel.
-My God!
I mutter and put my hands over my lips. I cannot believe what I'm actually seeing.
That man is again in front of me. Again in my life.
-Larsson Tiger!
I mumble again and turn my back, run quickly toward the main door of the ward 1 and leave the place without thinking twice.
I desperately run down the hall and stop at the door of a female restroom. I open it and go in. I close the door behind me and thrust my back on it. Desperation consumes me.
I don't know what to do at that time.
Larsson Tiger is before me again, this after one year.
I swore that I would never see him again. Or that he or I were to cross paths.
However this is torture when I recall the words of the head nurse.
 His case is severe. Maybe he becomes paralytic!

Immediately I lower my head and my body slides down, I sit on the bathroom floor. My tears go down easily. I'm facing a bitter and sad reality. I stand before Larsson Tiger again and worse than that, he runs the risk of becoming paraplegic.


It took a few minutes for my crying to cherish. Then I get up, open the tap, wet my hands and wash my face several times. I face myself in the mirror and feel the weight of my swollen and red eyes because of the many tears.
Damn tears!
Now I have no way to hide my downcast and sad physiognomy from my peers and my head nurse.
- What do I do now God?
I question with despair and wash my face again quickly, I try to buy time for courage to return to my workplace and face everything and foremost, face Larsson Tiger's face, after he wakes up.

Minutes later, I walk back to the room and see my head nurse sitting at her desk. She is analyzing some records of patients admitted there.
-Mrs. Abigail.
I exclaim, stopping in front of her desk. My boss raises her head and looks inside my face. At that moment I fear that she can notice my swollen eyes for having cried just minutes ago.
Seconds after, I feel relieved that she did not notice anything and questions:
-Any problem Emily?
I look down and try to inform her.
-I cannot continue my service in Ward 1 Today. - Then I lift my head and look at her with despair. -Please transfer me to ward 2 or 3.
Abigail looks at the sheets again and collects them with caution.
I'm sorry dear. But I cannot transfer you to another ward. Today three nurses are missing and you will have to unfold to work in ward 1 and 2.
Oh, no.
I mumble rolling my eyes, as I look at the ceiling of the room: Right now I have a huge desire to get rid of my white coat and run away from that hospital.
I declare that this is the worst day of work at that hospital, during my whole journey there until the present moment:
Lady Abigail rises from her chair and embraces a wave of white chips in front of her chest. She looks at me again, telling me.
-Get back to work! Patients need the morning medications.
I declare on her back. She goes on and disappears in the central corridor of the hospital.

A few moments later...
With great difficulty, I return to the ward 1 of orthopedics. Bringing a tray of some medications. I cease next to a bed of a patient in bed 1. I check his serum and see that it needs to be replaced.
Absently, I do it with ease, keeping my back to bed 7.
I avoid looking toward him all the time and in such a way slowing my bitter memory that Larsson, owner of the L. TIGER nightclubs network, is there, in the flesh, in my workplace, in my routine within that hospital.
Suddenly, a pair of green eyes open and look around. At that moment, Larsson sees the white roof of the hospital. He purses his brow at him. Seems uncomfortable in his bed, maybe he's feeling some pain throughout the body.
Involuntarily, he looks at one side and sees a nurse on her back, inside a white dress, with a white coat on top. His eyes travel further up and he sees that her long, dark hair is tied in a bun on top of her head, and over it is a disposable white cap. He frowns and blinks four times then when his green eyes shone with splendor toward my nape and sees the tattoo of a tiger.


His heart starts to run fast in his chest. Immediately he exclaims relieved.
His eyes are still glued to my back, while he raises his head, thus pulling it away from his pillow with a clean white pillowcase.
From a distance, I hear his voice. I drop the tray with medications to the ground. The loud noise scares the patients.
I immediately crouch. My heart starts beating wildly, desperately.
My God! I know that voice! I know the author of that voice perfectly!
I exclaim suffocatingly inside me. I have no escape! I have no way to abandon everything and go far away from that hospital and from that ward of male orthopedics.
Destiny is once again being cruel to me!
I have life proof of that!
-Nurse! You scared me!
A patient complains. Lying in his bed.
I cannot dare to give him an apology, or the patient in the bed 7 can hear my voice.
Larsson remains silent. He touches his head on the pillow again, but his green eyes still follow all my nervous movements at the bedside 1.
He realizes that I pretend not to have heard him exclaim my first name. He also sees that I'm totally nervous, playing my role as a nurse. My hands tremble when holding the steel tray.
So I get up and keep my back to him. Still trying to find my concentration near bed 1.
He insists again.
He shakes his head and smiles gently staring at the ceiling of the infirmary.
-I can't believe this!
Nevertheless, I turn myself, slowly. I have to face this once and for all. I need be strong in front of a man who once ruined my life and tore my heart.
- It
I confess looking in his face. His green eyes stare at me with a glass glow, they travel through my body hidden by white attire. His eyes go up and down the size of my silhouette.
-You look great as a nurse!
His voice brings a malicious refinement. The cranky Larsson Tiger does not let himself down and shows his nails, being the seducer, obsessed with tigers, women, money and fun.
I lower my head. My cheeks blush as red tomatoes. I feel trapped in a look that still bothers me, even after 365 days.
I don't know why.
But they still bother me.
My voice sounds sliced. The nervous within me, even affects my vocal cords. I question raising my head and looking toward his bed.
He responds with a seductive voice.
-I would never be alright on top of a hospital bed, Miss Emily Fontana. - There is a pause between his lips. - I confess that you turned my agony in this place in a kind of hope! Something new. You know! I believe nothing is by chance and if I ended up here, it's because fate decreed that you and I meet again. Wow! It's been so long Emily.
I squeeze the ends of the steel tray. Larsson's words scare me. I feel afraid he has come into my life and never want to get out of it again.
I suffocatingly sigh, my heart still runs fast inside me. Though I try to cherish him in deep secrecy.
I say looking at one side.
-I never...would like to see you in this condition.
I stare at him for a moment. His eyes are irresistible even inside a hospital. Soon I gently shake my head and look to one side. I try to hold my tears. I'm afraid to cry in front of him and in front of everyone there.
Mostly, I'm afraid to cry in front of my cowardice.
-With your permission, I need to continue my work.

I inform him and take two steps forward to bed 2. Thus breaking in half our dialogue. There, I try to be professional with Larsson. I imagine he sees me only as a nurse and forget that I was ever a luxury prostitute which often slept beside him in his sumptuous bed.

Tear of Princess:THE ANTIDOTE, Book Two




Book Two
In the
Tear of Princess

Copyright © 2015 by Pet Torres books
Copyright © 2015 by Pet Torres

Copyright © 2015 by Pet Torres books
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This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental
All rights are reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the author.


To my parents
To my sisters
To my nephews

To God  
To my dear readers

Lana del Rey

I got enthusiastic about their songs to write this Series.

“Only love sets you free…”.

Pet TorreS

Lord make me the instrument of your peace
Where there is hatred
Let me sow love
Where there are offences
That I may bring forgiveness
Where there is contention
That I may bring unity
Where there is darkness
That I may bring light
Where there is error
That I may bring truth
Where there is despair
That I may bring hope
Where there is sadness
That I may bring joy
Where there is doubt
That I may bring faith
Master, grant that I may seek rather
To comfort than to be comforted
Understand than to be understood
Love than to be loved
For it is in giving that we receive
It is in forgiving that we are forgived
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

In memory of my nephew
Cláudio Henrique


The spell called Tear of Princess transported me to the castle again.
I did not know those people who lived in the palace. My memory did not allow me.
But they recalled that I was the princess of the Land of the Sun.
After my return to my father's castle, there was an attempt of murdering me and the whole castle guard had to be modified.
In the delivery of coats of arms to the soldiers, I had a big surprise.
Fate had brought to my life the antidote I needed for my healing.

lagrima de princesa iiii2
Chapter 1


A flash lit the ballroom in a castle. It was completely empty and partially dark. There were some lamps hanging on the walls and they faintly illuminated the great room.
I mumbled scared, I was in a not so comfortable position over the floor, on my knees, with my hands holding my own upper limbs.
I raised my head and looked around, at the ceiling of the hall and also to some dark passages that were slightly distant from me.
I realized that this place was not strange. It felt like I had been there some time ago, in a period of my life, which I didn't remembered perfectly.
At that moment I thought of the word patience.
I ought to have patience with my own memory. Like all mothers had patience with their children at the stage where they were learning to crawl, to walk and to talk.
Before I could get up and hide, I heard step noises coming from the hall. They were so light and loud, there were half a dozen of them, in the same pace, in the same direction.
- Who's there?
A voice questioned proud and with plenty authority. I looked at one of the dark passages and saw a man standing in the middle of it, he had dark clothes and he had jackboots.
After his question, I remained silent. I lowered my head, trying not to be seen by him.
But my yellow coat stood out in the gloom. The man lifted his neck and looked over his nose, trying to distinguish that yellow thing before his eyes.
- Answer or the guards will force you to do it!
Immediately the man took three steps forward, escorted by his half dozen armed soldiers with their swords of steel.
My heart raced. I was in unfamiliar territory, before armed and threatening men.
I couldn't run or get away.
All seemed lost to me.
I had no choice but to introduce myself as a civilized and cordial friendly person.
I slowly raised and stood up, looking in their direction. The man of dark clothes, did not seem satisfied with my action. Immediately he ordered me.
- Take out the hood from your head!
He could not see my face clearly with the yellow fabric hiding my face. My right hand went up at the height of my neck and I pulled the yellow hood back. My face was unveiled and my balding too.
The eyes of the man with black clothes denounced. I could swore he was facing a ghost. A poor soul who needed prayer.
- Your Highness!
He exclaimed and bent one of his knees, making a bow in my direction. I looked scared sideways. I could not believe he was paying deference to me.
- Your Highness!
He muttered rising again. He realized that I was confused, looking to him and his guards with steel clothes, stuck behind him. His quick steps brought him to me.
The man stopped in front of me and his right hand touched my left shoulder.
- Your Highness! It is really you!
His eyes shone with joy at that time I felt I could trust him.
- Why do you call me Highness?
I questioned seriously looking at it. The man smiled, not taking my naive question seriously.
- Princess Salomé, this is no time for jokes!
He tried to take me with him, but I kept standing in the same place. My feet did not allow me to accompany him.
- Princess? Salomé?
I questioned again. A cloud of uncertainty hovered over my head.
The man looked at me seriously, he realized I was not kidding. I was suspicious of him and was unaware of my real name.
- Salomé. What happened to your beautiful hair?
He asked looking at my balding.
- The King wouldn't like to see her so rebellious.
He imagined that I had shaved my head by free will. But I remained silent.
My hair was not the most important issue at that time. I wanted to understand why he called me Highness, Princess and Salomé.
Would this be my real name?
- Princess Salomé. You don't remember Me? I am the emissary of your royal family. I was the right arm of your father for many years.
- And why you are no longer?
I articulated seriously.
He frowned, looking worried for me. With my senseless questions to him. The emissary thought I should know everything about my life in that castle.
- King Saulo is dead...
The emissary said cautiously, he didn't want to shock me again.
- Don't you remember that, Your Highness? He died the day of your eighteenth birthday.
- My father is...dead?
I looked around, it seemed that I was going to remember about his death, but my mind blocked, I could not think of anything, not even his physiognomy.
- Yes, and you disappeared after his death. We looked for you in the whole castle and didn't find you.
- I don't remember anything. - My voice seemed depressed. - Not even my father's physiognomy, I don't remember this place, I don't remember that I'm a princess, I don't remember that my name is Salomé.
The emissary looked at me with pity, he knew my situation was serious.
- Your Highness, you probably lost your memory. Only time can fix it.
- Until when will I have to live this way? No remembering the good times of my life? Next to my family?
I looked helplessly to the ground. Lacked a bit of hope in my life. Sometimes I thought that I would ever remember everything.

lagrima de princesa iiii2
Chapter 2


- What is happening for those damn guards hit the castle bell in middle of the night? Can't they understand that it is time to rest! I don't want to get old early for loss of sleep!
I grumbled rising from my bed, I put on my slippers and threw a wine colored cape over my long sweater of soft and sleek fabric. My red hair was loose and waved behind my shoulders.
I opened the door of my room and walked down the long corridor, there were some guards standing at the corners of the walls, they were escorts of the royal chambers.
Escariodez left his room, putting his black cloak over his pajamas. Seemed a bit drowsy.
- Why is the castle bell being striked?
He asked, walking quickly by my side.
- Something very serious must be happening.
I said proudly looking on.
An imagination invaded his mind with a crowd of enemy soldiers, mounted in their horses and attacking the castle.
- Are we being attacked by some enemy troops?
I looked at him seriously. His question was so stupid as his accelerated steps by my side.
- Escariodez, our kingdom is not at war. No one would attack us without a logical reason.
Finally we reached the presentations hall.
Some guards were around Gerrah holding his bat. He looked toward us and his eyes flashed with exultation.
- Lady Dorotéia, our Highness is back!
- Highness?
My eyes widened. At that moment the guards broke through and I saw a girl, protected by a huge yellow cover. She was snob, wearing commoners attire.
- Salomé!
I exclaimed scared. I looked at Escariodez, standing next to me. Our exchange of glances was not pleasant. There were concerns and disappointment in our eyes.
However I saw everything dark, the arms of Escariodez sustained me quickly, before I hit the ground.
Gerrah and Salomé looked surprised at me.
- She passed out from excitement.
The emissary said to her Highness. Salomé remained silent, watching me in the arms of Escariodez. Probably she also didn't remember his beloved Aunt Dorotéia.

lágrima de cristali


- Come here, darling! - Dorotéia smiled at me, opening her arms from edge to edge. - I want a hug!
I looked at the walls of her room, she had just awakened from her swoon. Escariodez was standing beside his bed and the emissary Gerrah was beside me.
- Come Salomé!
Gerrah touched my shoulder. - Go Your Highness! She is your aunt Dorotéia!
- What happened to her?
Escariodez asked quite impressed.
- Your Highness lost her memory. She doesn't remember anything.
Immediately Gerrah explained, Dorotéia smiled through gritted teeth and further opened her arms, begging to me.
- Come my angel! I was dying of longing!
I walked slowly toward her and stopped beside her gigantic bed. Dorotéia pulled my hand and sat me down on her soft bed, right beside her. Her arms crossed my back. She hugged me with falsehood. But no one noticed it. I remained standing with my arms stuck to my stomach. I don't know why, but I didn't feel like hugging her at that moment. Not because I didn't remember her, but for her bad energy. I felt there was some affectionate blockade between her and me.
- Welcome back, Your Highness!
Dorotéia said close to my ear. I felt a strange chill. I saw the image of a diamond tiara falling to the ground. It was a horrible scene.
- I'm kind of...dizzy.
I mumbled looking sideways, avoiding to face her.
- Your Highness you need to rest.
The emissary added.
- Yes, I agree. - Dorotéia removed her arms from my body and looked at my plebeian clothes. - Where have you been all this time to get those horrible clothes?
His fingers touched my skin with revulsion and disgust.
- Look at this yellow hood! That's so tacky!
I seriously looked at me in my yellow hood, and my aged dress. I simply thought that aunt Dorotéia was starting to distill her poison trapped while I was away from the castle.
- Gerrah take Salomé for a good bath and throw her clothes in the trash! Especially this yellow hood!
- Not my yellow hood!
I clung to my piece and I got up from her bed. I was frightened by my aunt's orders. She wanted to get rid of my humble clothes. Which had a huge sentimental value to me.
I ran toward the door of her bedroom and got out of it more than fast. I ran down the hall and stopped in front of the castle balcony. My hand touched the thick, high pillar, I looked out and saw the night sky, the moon was lighting up the sky.
My eyes were stuck in a direction as my mind remembered a special moment in my life. Which involved my yellow hood.
The time when Françoah put the yellow cape on my back and accommodated the hood over my head. His green eyes stared at me for a while. They looked so earnest and so enigmatic.
Where was he now?
A strong grip involved my chest. I was feeling insecure within that huge castle full of guards and people who claimed to be my family.
It was funny. I felt safer in the humble home of Françoah, in his arms, next to his two sisters, Francisca and Fabíola, than in this stronghold of King Saulo.
- Your Highness!
The voice of the emissary echoed behind me. I turned my body and looked at him. Facing him seriously.
- Salomé trust me.
He reached out his hand to me and kept saying.
- I saw her grow. His father always had complete confidence in me.
Again his voice seemed friendly. I liked him. Although I didn't remember his role at the castle, next to the King.
I touched his palm and he gently guided me through the castle corridor.


- Goddammit! Goddammit!
I said nervously, the flesh of my face trembled with extreme hatred. The return of my niece had delayed my plans.
- I would be crowned queen in a few months! All that I needed was that my damn niece had not returned to this castle!
Escariodez tried to hug me while I was in my nightgown, turning from one side to another in my bedroom.
- Calm down, my goddess.
- You ask me to be calm?
I removed his hands from my neck. I was furious.
 However, I stopped walking and stared at Escariodez and had a great desire to do something that could calm my nerves.
- Take me to that stupid sorceress! I need to know what is happening.
We put appropriate clothing to leave the castle and we traveled in a luxury carriage. Escariodez and I left the palace early in the morning and we wanted to return before sunset.

lágrima de cristali

- Your spell failed.
I said before the sorceress in her humble dwelling. There were dead rats hanging from the ceiling, herbs scattered in the corners of the house and a smell of smoke from the lit lamps.
The sorceress was an old woman with purple hair, her eyes were whitish. Her skin was wrinkled. She wore a dark dress and a black cape.
- My spell never fails.
She said putting a blue liquid in a small earthen pot.
- So why my niece is back to the castle?
The sorceress looked at me with her cold, evil eyes. Escariodez was standing next to me, listening to all our conversation.
- The spell 'Tear of Princess' never fails.
I remained silent, staring at her, I felt like flying to the neck of that old wicked woman.
- If she returned to the castle it's because someone made her cry. The spell 'Tear of Princess' does not allow a princess to cry anymore in her life. Unless something can penetrate her soul and make her cry indeed.
- What or who made her cry?
I asked turning my body.
- Now we don't have a reason or someone to make her cry again in the castle. She lost her memory and doesn't remember anything.
- The loss of her memory is part of the spell. This way there are no emotional causes to make her cry. - The sorceress looked at me again. - If she cries again, probably, she will be transported to another place, outside the castle.
- But how will I be able to make her cry again? There are no obvious reasons for that.
The old woman shrugged. - That I cannot tell. The spell is cast over her, but she has to cry again in order to get out of your way.

lagrima de princesa iiii2

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